Chronic Pain, Opioid Addiction, and the Medical System: A Call for Patient-Centered Care

Chronic pain is a common and often debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, illness, and genetics, and it can range from mild to severe in intensity. Unfortunately, chronic pain is often undertreated, and many people struggle to find relief from their symptoms. […]

Mourning the Loss: An insight into the chronic pain experience

For many of us, the entire chronic pain experience exists within the context of great loss. The challenges of living in pain can slowly creep in and take over every aspect of our lives, forcing us to give up on everything that feels essential to who we are, from our hobbies and careers to our […]

Energy Management: How to Choose from a Place of Power

I was once in the midst of a difficult flare up that forced me into bed for a few days straight. I missed a work deadline, my sister’s graduation, and a friend’s birthday party, but I knew that, no matter how I was feeling, I could not not miss my cousin’s wedding at the end […]

You Are Not a Burden

Whether real or imagined, received from media or from interactions with people in their lives, it is not uncommon for people living with chronic pain to get the message that they are “too much” or “overly needy” and that they should really just “suck it up” and “learn to be independent.” When internalized over many […]

Chronic Pain and Intimate Relationships: A heartbreaking game of hide and seek

A well-known anonymous quote reads, “Once you accept the reality that even between the closest human beings, infinite distances continue, a wonderful relationship can grow.” As humans, building intimate relationships is one of the most difficult tasks we take on in our lives – yet we are wired to do it anyway. How can we […]

Chronic Pain & Sex: The Myth And Shame Of Sexual Normativity

You know that scene in what seems like every movie of all time? The one where the main character and their love interest start passionately making out, knocking over glasses, bumping into walls, and frantically discarding their clothing as they head for the bedroom? Then, with literally zero foreplay, they’re suddenly having sex and within […]

Learning to Trust Your Inner Knowing

When a toddler skins his knee, his mother reassures him: “You’re okay!” When the same child tells his teacher he doesn’t need a jacket during recess, his teacher insists: “But you’ll be cold!” When he grows up and says he needs to take a break on the hike, his friends respond: “It’s easy, you’ll be […]

Uncertainty: A journey from paralysis to courage

If human beings have learned anything over the past two years, it is the staggering uncertainty hiding behind every moment of our lives. When the COVID-19 storm first raged through the world, we all got hit with the realization that we have no idea what’s coming our way, and that whatever it is has the […]

Why Should I Embrace My Pain?

It’s the end of another long day, and you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, with chores and people waiting for you at home. You blast the horn and squeeze the steering wheel until your knuckles are white, but none of it makes the car in front of you move faster. In fact, your rage doesn’t make […]

The Illusion of the Magic Cure

Chasing after accurate diagnoses and effective treatments is a full-time job that takes up a significant amount of time, energy, and brain space. Not only that, but it’s usually a frustrating job in an abusive work environment with an incompetent boss and very low pay. And worst of all? We can’t quit.