When The Medical System Isn’t Enough

Oh, the medical system. How we with chronic pain depend on it, and how we wish we didn’t have to. Sometimes it comes through for us; we get the right diagnosis, the right prescription – the right care. Too often, however, those are the expectations we carry into our appointments, only to leave feeling frustrated, […]

The Cycle of Chronic Pain, Fear, and Trauma

Imagine this scene: A man is using a public shower on the beach to wash up after swimming: he puts shampoo in his hair, rubs it in, and then puts his head under the running water to rinse it out. What he doesn’t know, however, is that as he’s trying to rinse out the shampoo, […]

The Illusion of the Magic Cure

Created by Kat Woods, an artist and chef who shares her journey about healing from Lyme disease on her blog, HopeHealCook, this cartoon is just one snapshot from life with chronic pain. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or magic fixes for chronic pain, and even when we don’t know what to do, we have no […]

Chronic Pain & Repressed Emotions: A Conversation That Demands Sensitivity

By now, the correlation between repressed emotions, childhood trauma, and chronic pain is a well researched and documented phenomena. Doctors like the late Dr. John Sarno, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, and Dr. Peter A. Levine, have all done revolutionary work in establishing how repressed emotions, and trauma can manifest in the body and create […]